Prague Top Ten

There is more than one top ten for Prague, I am sure you will have your own after you visit the city, but these are the most visited attractions in Prague.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the iconic image of Prague, the castle can be seen from all over the city.  The first fort was built here in the 9th century.  Later the castle became the seat of the Holy Roman Empire.  It is the largest ancient castle in the world.  Read more on Prague Castle

St Vitus’s Cathedral

The cathedral took more than 500 years to build; it was started by Price Wenceslas who a structure on what was a pagan site.  The cathedral lacks a certain unity of style due to the very long construction period, the last addition being as late as 1929 – this however adds to the charm and grandeur of the cathedral.  Read more on St Vitus Cathedral

Old Town Square

This is the heart of the city, and the real tourist centre.  It is almost impossible to see an empty Old Town Square.  On the hour every day crowds gather around the astronomical clock to watch the display of characters within the clock, the sides of the square are lined with cafes and restaurants.   Read more on the Old Town Square

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge was completed around 1400, during the summer months it is filled with tourists all day and no self respecting citizen of Prague would use the bridge at these times as it is too busy.  It is worth seeing if only for the great photos you will get from here of the castle.  It is best seen early in the morning or in the evening.  Read more on Charles Bridge

National Gallery

The Czech National Gallery is the earliest functionalist buildings opened in 1928 as a trade fair.  It was converted to be used as the National Gallery in the 1980’s.  Unlike the treasures housed within the building is an austere 8 storey complex.

Old Jewish Cemetery

The Old Jewish Cemetery holds an estimated 200,000 graves.  It was one of the few plots of land available to Jews and consequently the graves are built in layers.  The first grave stone dates from 1439 and the last in 1787. Read more on the Old Jewish Cemetery

The Loreto

The Loreto is an incredible 17th century Baroque pilgrimage site.  It houses a replica of Santa Casa.  There are various claims regarding the Virgin Mary receiving the incarnation.  The building is beautiful and said to be built to entice Czechs back to the Catholic Church.

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill over looks the city centre of Prague, it is almost all gardens and parks.  The observation tower is located here in the style of a mini Eiffel tower.  The top of the tower is a great place to take photos of the Castle and the red roofs of the city.  Also here is the Mirror Maze, Rose Gardens, and The Funicular – the easiest way to get to the top. Read more on Petrin Hill

Wenceslas Square

The Square is a bustling commercial and tourist centre and to a certain extent a bit seedy at night.  Wenceslas Square started life a place for trading horses – it is now seen as one of the main places that trades money with all the money exchanges and casinos.  Read more on Wenceslas Square

St Agnes Convent

This is Prague’s oldest Gothic building built in the 13th century.  It is the founding home for the religious order of the Poor Clares.  The convent is part of the National Gallery and is used for the collection of Renaissance and Medieval Art.  Read more on St Agnes Convent