Prague Here We Come… After the delay

So here I am stuck in Dublin Airport as he flight is delayed for two hours. It doesn’t happen often thank god, but airports are fairly boring places.

However Aerlingus gave us vouchers for food – good… And I get to sit here in Starbucks and chill for a few hours – still it is hard to get passed the bordom. So here I am writing and hoping that no-one reaaly reads this.

Walking in Europe is a new site that I am developing, and much to my surprise it still hasn’t been indexed by the big G after a month – I should really have put a bit more effort into that, so hopefully this post will help the big G find it at last.

Dublin Airport is fairly horrible, in a few hours we will be in Prague – and what a difference there is in the airport. Prague is just so … clean, not so packed, much easier to be in – also I can still smoke there. Yeah one day I might get around to not doing that anymore.

So hope some of this made some sense – I have only had one xanex so far – yeah hate flying also…

Have a good weekend.

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