No American Radar for the Czech Republic

For the last few years Bush in his crap attempts to dominate the world had suggested that the US build a radar and missile defence system in the Czech Republic and Poland.

I have been amazed at the majority of the Czech responses to this.  On the whole they seemed to find that this was a great idea and even though it was supposed to be a defence against Iran, almost all saw it as a defence against Russia.

I have felt like the lone voice in the wilderness saying that the United States are only using the Czech Republic as a pawn in a game of geo-politics.

Well at last the defence shield has been abandoned – I wonder what all those voices crying for American protection think now – maybe the man in the White House is no longer their friend?

I am amazed at the naivety of people thinking that America ever does anything overseas that is not in their interest – that they would not have any ulterior motive to every little move in this chess game of geo-politics.

Mean while the Czech Republic has the most right wing president they have ever had who just hates the idea of being a member of the European Union and cannot see that this is where there long term welfare lies.

I find it interesting listening to the conversations of people who think their country is close to the USA and they will fall under the wing of their protection – these people have not been reading their history, and very recent American and Czech history at that.

Do you feel let down by the current American government or is just what you expected?

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