Best of the Czech Republic

Are you travelling and wanting to see the Best of the Czech Republic? If so you are in the right place! We are going to examine all the must see places to visit in the Czech Republic. Whether it’s checking out the pulsing capital of Prague or exploring the historic villages of Moravia, we have the tips for you! From the world-famous Pilsner to the strains of Smetana and Dvo?ák, there are many exciting sites and places to visit.
Historic Architecture

Prague has some stunning architecture like what you will find in the Hradcany neighbourhood. You will definitely want to check out this castle. It was originally built in the late 9th century, but since then it has undergone some remodelling, additions, and restoration. Today, it is the official residence of the Czech Republic President.

Of course, stunning architecture is not limited to the city of Prague; there are plenty of beautiful structures in other towns throughout the country. Plus you can find some sites that are off the beaten path, which means fewer tourists. Among the best of the Czech Republic include Cheb, Kutná Hora, Loket and Domažlice in Bohemia, and of course Olomouc, Tel? and Kromê?íž in Moravia.
Best restaurants

While you are travelling around, you will want to sample the best of the Czech Republic when it comes to cuisine. Czech food is very typically central European, along with German, Polish, Austrian, and even Hungarian influences. If you wan to sample one of the country’s staple meals, try the ‘knedlo, vepro, zelo’. It is offered in most restaurants in, and the dish is a bread dumpling with sauerkraut and roast pork. You should taste it while you are there. In the last few years, there has been a surge of new restaurants and new twists on the classic cuisine, so even if you prefer more exotic meals there are restaurants to fit the appetite.
World Famous Czech Beer

A visit to the Czech republic would not be complete without trying some of the world famous Czech beer. Beer has been brewed in the Republic since the 10th century, and is steeped with smooth flavours. The best beers the Czech Republic has to offer are the Plzen and the Budvar, but there literally are dozens of other fantastic local beers for you to try. Have a pint of Kozel, Krusovice, Radegast, Smichov, or any of the other local favourites to complete any night out on town.
The Best Time To Visit

The tourist season is at its peak during May, but many locals will tell you September is also a great time to visit due to fewer crowds and great weather. The best of the Czech Republic (many museums, galleries, castles) are not open year round. If you want to avoid the crowds and get cheaper rooms, try visiting during April and October. It will be a bit chilly so make sure to bring your jacket with you.






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